Golden Valley Open Space

The Golden Valley Open Space is located just off Placerita Canyon Rd. in Santa Clarita. It preserves over 900 acres of the Santa Clarita Valley.

The Golden Valley Ranch trails offer visitors a mix of easy, low-incline trails and more difficult, steep trails. However, visitors must complete a steep incline to gain access to the more gentle trails. Visitors may park along the road as there is no parking lot at this site.

Golden Valley Open Area has several lookout points for hikers to look over the SCV. Horse Peak, the highest point in Santa Clarita Valley, is located in the Golden Valley Open area accessible by the trail system.

The area includes three trails: the Placerita trail with a length of 3.4 miles, the Nadeu trail with a length of 1.7 miles, and the Mitchell Trail with a length of 0.6 miles.

Since 2016, this area was heavily damaged by the Sand Fire so visitors are expected to stay on the trails so the eco-system can recover from the damage.

Trail Location

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