San Francisquito Open Space

The San Francisquito Open Space was opened to the public in October 2018 by the city of Santa Clarita. The area encompasses of 176-acres of land with mixed use recreation trails.

For visitors, the trails in San Francisquito Open Space are generally gentle to moderate difficulty.

The area provides Santa Clarita residents with five miles of new trails, and is protected from development indefinitely.

The trails here are open to hikers, bikers, and equestrians. Any hiker bringing an animal must keep them on a leash.

The Open Space is part of the City of Santa Clarita’s greenbelt project, and commitment to provide more area for Santa Clarita residents to appreciate nature, preserve open space, and maintain wildlife corridors.

San Francisquito Open Space is easy to access with parking provided courtesy of the City.  The trails straight from the parking lot, and can be accessed right off of Lady Linda Ln.

Trail Location

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